From Right to Left: Mark King, Tony Thornton, Blaine Tallman, Ossie Taylor, Jenne Myers, Paul Harney

In 2006 Pratt Industries began shipping boxes to a few agriculture accounts in the South Georgia Area.  Traditionally boxes used in the agricultural industry have been manufactured using heavy-weight virgin Mullen liners and heavy basis weight mediums.

With a can do attitude, design, manufacturing and sales, the support of management continued to listen to the market’s needs and responded. As they worked in tandem, they developed better board combinations and more prudent designs that fit the needs of the growers.

Pratt’s design innovation and high performance lightweight liners and mediums provide a cost effective alternative to the industry – improving box performance, appearance, and cost. This has led to continued growth in the “Vidalia Onion” market and an intro into the “Georgia Peach” market.  These continued efforts have enabled Pratt Industries to become a force in agricultural packaging.

The Pratt warehouse in Moultrie, Georgia has seen sales growth the last 3 years culminating in a record month in June 2013.  The record sales could not have been accomplished without a strong sales force, great customer service, hard working warehouse associates and timely quality transportation. On top of the record sales, the Moultrie warehouse has consistently been one of Pratt’s top inventory control centers with over 99% inventory accuracy month after month. By having good inventory process controls in place, Pratt continually meets the demands of its customers in the southeast region.