Pratt Industries Hits New Heights

Pratt Industries’ hard-working green-collar employees continue to reach new production heights – with a best-ever month for our paper mill division.

Our 3 recycled paper mills established a new best in October for monthly tons per day production, as well as marking the first time we’ve ever produced more than 100,000 tons in a month.

Together, the mills produced 102,545 tons last month, averaging an impressive 3308 tons per day, the first time we’ve averaged more than 3300 tpd. Congratulations are also in order for Staten Island, which set a new best of 1118 tpd, breaking their previous mark of 1050 set in December 2012; and to Conyers with new record of 1116 tpd beating their former top mark of 1102 tpd set in December 2010.

“What is extremely pleasing to me is the fact that all these productivity results were achieved in conjunction with our continued focus on quality so that we can deliver the best product possible to our customers,” said CEO Brian McPheely. “This is their expectation and our promise – so well done to all and thank you for your efforts.”