From left to right: Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black; Pratt sales rep Steve Stevenson; Pratt Conyers GM John Day; Southern Valley secretary/treasurer Wanda Hamilton Tyler; Southern Valley administration assistant Courtney Hamilton; Southern Valley president Kent Hamilton.

Pratt Industries continues its successful environmental awards program honoring some of its most socially-responsible customers – most recently Southern Valley, one of the leading produce growers and shippers in the eastern United States.

Through its purchase of our 100% post-consumer recycled packaging and closed loop recycling efforts, Southern Valley has made a significant impact on our planet for future generations.

In 2013 alone, it saved more than:

– 8 million kWh of power
– 7 thousand cubic yards of landfill
– 15 million gallons of fresh water
– 2100 tons of CO2 emissions

“Southern Valley is not only one of our best agriculture customers, but also one that shares Pratt Industries’ long-time commitment to the environment,” said John Day, GM at our major corrugating plant in Conyers, Ga.

“They are worthy recipients of this environmental impact award for a fantastic performance and for the impact they have had on the planet.”

John presented Southern Valley owner Kent Hamilton with the plaque at a major fruit and vegetable growers conference in Savannah, Ga. earlier this month. The presentation was later broadcast on The Georgia Farm Monitor.

Southern Valley is a privately held family company that has been growing top produce since 1987. It has farms  in Norman Park, Ga., Evensville, Tn. and Yucatán, Mexico