Deployed Soldiers Receive Packages from the Hero Box ProgramPratt Industries has joined forces with The Home Depot to give our men and women in uniform a little reminder of home – by enlisting in a program that collects and sends supplies to deployed soldiers in hotspots like Afghanistan and beyond.

The program is run by HeroBox, a non-profit organization that’s been providing both physical and moral support to our military and its veterans since 2008.

Pratt got involved in the program through The Home Depot Foundation, which helps a number of non-profit organizations around the country. The Foundation solicited supplies from its vendor base, and Pratt supported the plan by providing custom-made shipping containers to forward the items to our troops in the field.

“We are very proud to support The Foundation and its efforts to offer a hand up to our active military and veterans,” said Pratt’s Director of Sales for The Home Depot John Muse. “Whether it’s helping to provide safe, affordable housing at home, or just a few of the comforts of home while serving abroad, The Foundation is a phenomenal organization and we feel privileged to be its partner.”

Pratt’s design team produced the boxes specifically for the HeroBox program, while The Home Depot packed the supplies – which included everything from beef jerky to in-field necessities like batteries and duct tape – at their recent store managers’ meeting in Las Vegas. In all, 850 boxes were crammed with supplies which eventually made their way to an estimated 4000 troops in Afghanistan.

Pratt Industries | The Hero Box Program | Box Contents“Our mission is to ensure every veteran has a safe place to call home when they return, but for those currently serving overseas, we think it’s important they are reminded of our appreciation as well while they fight to ensure our safety,” said Kendall McCarthy, director of programs for The Home Depot Foundation.

“Thanks to our partnerships with our wonderful suppliers like Pratt, we are able to provide some of the comforts of home to our servicemen and women while they are overseas and to help ensure they have a safe home when they return.”

The HeroBox program also allows ordinary Americans to directly support the troops – so check out the website if you would like to help. You can also find more information about The Home Depot Foundation and the programs it supports by visiting the partners section at