NYC Recycled Pizza Boxes by Pratt Industries Made in Staten Island
Councilman Steve Matteo (left) and Recycling Division President Myles Cohen show off the Pratt pizza box

Anyway you slice it Pratt’s New York City box plant makes the industry’s best pizza boxes – all 200,000 of them a day.

But now, the Big Apple team has joined forces with a leading local politician to come up with a unique way to honor their Staten Island home – by producing a limited edition run of pizza boxes proudly stamped “Made in Staten Island.”

The idea was the brainchild of NYC councilman Steve Matteo to help increase recycling rates in his borough. And what better way than with a Pratt pizza box – made on Staten Island by Staten Islanders with recycled paper from the streets of Staten Island.

“The boxes provide tangible evidence that recycling is not only good for the environment, it provides real economic benefit to Staten Island,” Matteo said. “I think sometimes it’s hard for people to feel motivated if they don’t understand where it’s going to go, and now on Staten Island you can really see it come right back to you in your neighborhood pizzeria.”

Matteo says Pratt was the perfect partner to increase recycling awareness – so our team produced and distributed 1500 Staten Island pizza boxes free of charge to local pizzerias.

“As a paper recycling industry leader, Pratt Industries has been doing tremendous work right here in Travis for almost two decades, employing and supporting the employment of hundreds of residents, while generating hundreds of millions in revenue to the city,” he said. “So the bottom line is recycling helps our bottom line: The more we recycle, the more jobs we help create, the more we help the local economy and ourselves.”

Pratt Recycling Division president Myles Cohen said the company was happy to play a key role.

“Our mill and box factory are constantly working with the City Council, the Sanitation Department and the Borough President’s office to ensure we are maximizing recycling rates in Staten Island,” he said.

“In fact our success as a company and a creator of ‘green-collar’ jobs here on the Island is due to the excellent relationship between the public and private sectors.”[/fusion_text]