Pratt Industries 3PL for eCommerce

eCommerce companies looking to optimize their supply chain can benefit from strategic partnerships with suppliers and logistics companies who not only represent brand values but also deliver third party logistics (3PL) solutions that are efficient and in response to company fulfillment needs.

While supply chain integration for certain elements can provide some control, flexibility and cost reduction, even large businesses must outsource certain elements of their supply chain in order to benefit from the expertise of a specialist and have more time to better capitalize on their own strengths. The following are benefits to supply chain optimization through outsourcing to a company like Pratt Industries for third party logistics and fulfillment:

Warehouse Space Reduction

Maintaining the lowest possible non-inventory in order to optimize warehouse space can be a challenge for many eCommerce companies. Accurate forecasting is critical to efficient non-inventory management but even with forecasting in place, it’s important to include safety stock in order to avoid running out of packaging and fulfillment products. From contract packaging to pick n pack, to order fulfillment – Pratt Industries can leverage our world class display business and retail experience to bring warehousing solutions to other consumer products and manufacturers who would rather focus on their core competencies, not packaging. The process begins by the receipt our customer’s products – by parcel or an imported container, we can accept any size shipment. We sort and segregate according to pre-designed display bill of materials, then repackage into mixed shipments, point of purchase displays or combine products into promotional put-ups that drive value.

Material Cost Reduction

By selecting a supplier who specializes in packaging, eCommerce companies can benefit from additional cost reduction strategies. Through right size packaging, reduced fill, and reduced assembly through efficient package design and automation, Pratt can reduce packaging materials cost to maximize packaging efficiencies.

Frustration Free Packaging

Customers are more likely to make repeat purchases from a retailer that delivers unique and frustration free packaging. Working with a packaging specialist like Pratt Industries will ensure that packages are easy to open and tamper-proof. Packaging can also be branded as a promotional tool to build customer trust and loyalty.

About Pratt Industries and 3PL

With over 1.5 million square feet of distribution space strategically located throughout the US, Pratt Industries is able to leverage its integrated value for customers needing warehousing or logistics solutions with their packaging needs. We collaborate with our customers to come up with an efficient eCommerce supply chain solution that minimizes costs and maximizes the customer experience.