Pratt Industries and Vansolkema Packaging

Sometimes a shift in packaging strategy can garner incredible results. The following success story highlights how Pratt’s strategic and sustainable approach to a company’s packaging supply chain resulted in significant savings and better customer experience.

Van Solkema was purchasing all of their corrugated from Chicago, however the service level due to the supplier’s distant location was a concern. Van Solkema was excited to work with a local supplier like Pratt Industries that had agriculture experience, immediate access to design, and on demand local sales service attention.

Pratt Industries representatives had the opportunity to re-design the primary box using a Pratt proven standard Agriculture design currently used in Moultrie, Ga and did an outstanding job. The newly designed box offers superior strength. Our 100% recycled Pratt paper was used which is lighter in basis weight as compared to the previous company’s board combo while still exceeding their current performance needs. In addition, a more modern case erector replaced the previous supplier’s machine with something more reliable and efficient producing a higher quality formed box.

A key Van Solkema customer consistently challenges their suppliers to develop more sustainable packaging. When the Van Solkema owners told this key customer they had switched to Pratt Industries as their packaging supplier and were using Pratt boxes made of 100% recycled paper, they were extremely pleased. To highlight the situation, Van Solkema asked that the Pratt 100% Recycled logo be printed on the boxes along with the statement “This box is made from 100% recycled paper” on the primary panels on either side of their corporate logo which is featured placement and uncommon.

As a result of our performance on this single item, other packaging products are now being used at Van Solkema that fit Pratt’s plant capabilities. It’s a true success story and testament to the success of Pratt’s 100% recycled paper, the resources of our Agriculture team, our mechanical packaging team, the local plant’s superior customer service, and our sales team’s ability to understand the customer’s needs and provide a rock solid solution to exceed the customer’s needs.

The entire Grand Rapids team did an outstanding job with this new customer. Our customer is extremely pleased and their customer is extremely pleased – it’s a win-win for all!