Infographic: Sustainable Supply Chain

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, what does circular thinking really mean?  Have a look at this infographic (below) to see what Pratt Industries is doing to close the loop. Starting with a fully integrated recycling program, 1.8 millions tons of waste  are diverted from landfills each year. The recovered waste paper is then used to make new paper in 100% recycled paper mills. That paper then goes on to become corrugated sheets which are then used to make in-store displays, retail ready packaging products and corrugated boxes available for purchase at The process then starts again through waste recovery.

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Pratt Industries Integrated Sustainable Supply Chain

Pratt’s environmental commitment extends beyond its pledge to produce 100% recycled paper and packaging. The first of four planned clean energy plants came online at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA in 2009. As a result of these clean energy efforts, electricity and steam are generated to run the paper mill, thereby displacing thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions.