Pratt Industries' Chief Executive Officer, Brian McPheely

Pratt Industries is being featured in a Fortune magazine article hitting the newsstands on Monday. The prestigious business journal is devoting an entire section to stories and profiles highlighting the Future of Sustainable Packaging – and how innovation is reshaping an industry that touches everyone.

In short, it’s a perfect vehicle for our company, which is why we’ve taken out a two-page spread in the edition.

One page is a very creative advertisement that succinctly gets the message out that recycling is not only good for the environment, but for business as well. To quote our ad: “Some companies do the green thing. Others do the profitable thing. To us, they’re the same thing.”

The second page Рdirectly opposite the advertisement Рis a Q&A with our CEO Brian McPheely. Fortune is also devoting pages to a more general story on the overall trend towards Sustainable Packaging and Brian is again quoted in that main article, focusing on our Triple Bottom line philosophy.

Fortune has weekly sales of approximately 830,000 with an estimated readership of 3.5 million.