Green Conference Table | Sustainable Recruitment
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Sustainability is proving to be a key driver to recruitment, according to a recent Bain & Company survey. According to the survey, employees care more now about sustainability than they did three years ago.  In fact, two-thirds of the respondents indicate that sustainable business is important to them.

And there’s even more to the story. While financial compensation and company culture still rank higher, sustainable business operations surpass philanthropic activities as a deciding factor to come aboard. In addition, employees are increasingly shaping their company’s sustainability efforts. About two-thirds of employees under age 30, one-third of employees over 55 and three-quarters of enthusiasts expect to play a role in how their firm approaches the topic.

Furthermore, some companies like Intel, are actually using sustainability as a performance measure and link compensation to attaining environmental sustainability metrics. Read more about this study and how sustainability does matter to potential new hires in the article, “Sustainability Matters in the Battle for Talent” via the Harvard Business Review.”

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