Pratt Display Gets Caught Green Handed

Pratt Display Holiday Recycling EmailPratt Industries Display division launched a sustainability education campaign in late 2012 with the purpose of empowering employees to “green” the division’s three regional office operations. The themes of the communication change but the focus is always on providing recycling tips appropriate for both the workplace and home, quantifying waste diversion in tangible metrics and motivating individuals to do their part.

The communications are broadcast via e-mail by David Connors, Pratt Display’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, on an ad hoc basis, though usually once every 2-3 months. According to Connors, “In the same vein that we encourage our clients to communicate their sustainability goals and accomplishments to consumers, we’re using this initiative to educate and motivate our employees. The delivery method may be different – recycled content logos on displays and scorecards calculating environmental benefits of using our 100% recycled linerboard versus e-mail – but the intent is identical.”

Since inception nine months ago, five e-mail blasts have been distributed to Pratt Display’s more than 100 employees. The campaign debuted just before Christmas 2012 with holiday-themed artwork, last-minute sustainable gift ideas, and a personal message from Connors challenging employees to “resolve to recycle more in 2013”.

The second communication announced a competition between the offices to reduce non-recycled waste, while the third shared our results and the winner. “Before we divulged the competition details we had someone in each regional office weigh the trash bins,” said Connors, “and then we did it again about a month later to determine the winner. We saw improvement across the board, ranging from 23% to 40% less waste reported in the second weighing.”

Subsequent blasts covered Earth Day, including ways to celebrate, and tips for reducing one’s environmental impact during the hot summer months.

“The campaign correlates perfectly with Pratt Industries overarching commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, and it made sense to apply the same to our office operations. We’re challenging our employees and ourselves to be better environmental stewards,” said Connors.