Gaia Herbs Picks Pratt for a Packaging Redesign

Pratt Industries Plant in Greenville, SC

Pratt Industries is providing leading organic herbalist Gaia Herbs with innovative, 100% recycled packaging that is not only helping the environment but improving the company’s bottom line as well.

Packaging World, one of the leading packaging industry publications, has more on the story in their article, “New casing strategy cultivates economy and ecology” which is quoted below:

All the cartons and shipping cases are supplied by Pratt Industries and are made from 100% recycled corrugated board. Kevin Gaylord, Customer Relations and Fulfillment Manager for Gaia Herbs, explains, “We have converted our inner packing to auto-bottom, pop-up boxes that require no pre-assembly. Our amazing boxing staff collects one of the two (versus the previous 11) different sizes of inner-pack cartons, according to what product they are packing and pops open the carton for filling. We manually fill the inner cartons with a variety of product sizes such as one-oz, 120-cc, 250-cc, and 16-oz liquid-filled glass bottles, as well as various forms of product literature and display materials.”

According to Gaylord, “Working with Pratt, not only are we in a better position to reduce expenses and increase efficiencies, but we are generating significantly less waste byproducts than ever before. Our reduction in inventoried corrugated boxes has been close to 5.5%, which is substantial for a high-volume operation like ours. And we are able to ensure excellent protection of our glass-packed products and package the orders in considerably less time.” Read more...

Congratulations to our team in Greenville for their hard work and dedication to this project. It’s another great example of Pratt’s innovative approach to sustainable packaging solutions.