Pratt Industries Awards The Containers Store for Environmental Efforts
Pratt Regional President Mike Tansey is surrounded by co-workers and executives from The Container Store as he presents the specialty retail chain company with the award (from left): Ricardo Ceniceros, Mike Gallagher (Pratt); Scott Jones, Emily Holt and Joe Wilkinson (TCS); Mike Tansey; Jeremy Barker, Sharon Tindell, Natasha Singleton, Vanessa Cornejo, Melissa Reusch, Erin Hogue (TCS); Frank Miller (Pratt)

Pratt Industries’ box-making plant in Dallas has proudly named The Container Store its “2013 Environmental Partner of the Year.” Dallas has been supplying The Container Store for the past 4 years, but the specialty storage and organizational product retailer embraced a culture of sustainability long before that – including a dedicated recycling program at its store locations, corporate offices and main distribution center.

Its corrugated recycling program alone helps save tens of thousands of trees every year and nearly five million gallons of water. And its commitment to using Pratt packaging made from 100% recycled corrugated helps save an additional 11,000+ trees, 2.7 million kilowatt hours of power and over 4.8 million gallons of water annually.

Pratt Industries | The Container Store | Earth Day
The Container Store visitors to our plant included (from left): Vanessa Cornejo, Assistant Buyer; Erin Hogue, Senior Buyer; Emily Holt, Buyer; Sarah Andreani, Marketing Manager; and Sharon Tindell, Chief Merchandising Officer. Each received a tree sapling in celebration of Earth Day.


“The opportunity to partner with an impactful consumer-focused company like The Container Store has been both an exciting and demanding challenge for our Dallas facility,” said Pratt’s Regional President Mike Tansey. “And its dedication to the environment has given us extra motivation to be the best partner possible.”

The Container Store, which began as a one-site operation in Dallas in 1978, now has dozens of outlets across the U.S. and is the only national retailer devoted solely to storage and organization.