Pratt Display Energizer Eco-Advanced Rolling Rack
Energizer Eco-Advanced Rolling Rack
Eco Award | Pratt Display Division
Eco Award

Pratt Display’s Energizer team was recognized by Energizer for their significant contribution toward the success of the EcoAdvanced Battery launch. Energizer’s Global Procurement officer, Greg Kinder, recently presented an Excellence in Supply Chain Performance award to John Keck, Pratt Display’s President, at Pratt Industries corporate headquarters in Conyers, GA.

Pratt Display and its assembly partner, Impact Fulfillment Services, produced over 210,000 displays for the launch. In order to meet fast-start commitment dates to key retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Target, 90 truckloads of displays had to ship from the assembly site in Burlington, NC during a short 48-hour window.

“We are very proud of the role we played. Our team worked tirelessly to create a seamless supply chain and ensure on-time delivery. And we did – we had a 100% order-to-fill rate for the launch program between January 14th and February 28th, 2015,” said Keck.

Pratt Display team members Gina Lundy, Brent Hise, Stan Kraner, Phil Davis, Randy Wilson, and Dave Connors were also present in Conyers to receive the award.


Greg Kinder presents award to John Keck