Home Depot Branded Box

It’s not uncommon to drive down a neighborhood street or walk the halls of an office building and see a custom-branded, eCommerce shipping box delivered and waiting for pickup by its recipient. Whether conscious or not, the logo or brand message on the package leaves an impression. This impression can go a long way towards influencing an eventual purchase, especially if made more than once.

A branded and delivered package is tangible proof that a neighbor or coworker uses a service. And, since word of mouth or referral advertising is one of the more effective marketing vehicles, branded packaging is a pretty powerful marketing tool. It shows future prospects where other people are shopping and makes them more likely to place an order from that same source.

There are several opportunities for adding your brand to the protective packaging you use to ship your products:

  1. Include a custom printed logo or brand message on corrugated boxes (exterior or interior).
  2. Brand the carton sealing tape with a custom message.
  3. Use a label or stickers with your branding in lieu of direct print on the box for cost savings.
  4. Print your company’s logo on the void fill used to protect the contents.

In addition, you can align your brand with a message of sustainability by highlighting the use of 100% recycled packaging materials like Pratt’s 100% recycled boxes.

About Pratt Industries

Pratt is America’s 5th Largest Corrugated Packaging Company and the world’s largest, privately-held 100% recycled paper and packaging company, with more than 6000 highly-skilled, green-collar employees dedicated to the environment and sustainability. Pratt was founded in the USA some 20 years ago and, since then, has shown dramatic growth with sophisticated manufacturing facilities in more than 27 states.