Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience with the Right Packaging 

Print Inside the Box | Pratt Industries

For subscription eCommerce and curated product collections, the packaging and unboxing experience is a critical moment for overall customer satisfaction. According to a Dotcom Distribution survey conducted in 2016, 52% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online retailer that delivers unique packaging. By thinking inside the box and taking into account the following considerations, you can ensure your packaging adds to the enjoyment of your product.

Does packaging enhance brand cohesion?

The design of your packaging should compliment other existing creative assets for your brand. The packaging experience should add to the excitement for what is in the box. Creativity and customization create an emotional connection that builds customer trust and loyalty.

Using creative inside print as a potential marketing channel, brands like Driven continue to deliver their marketing messages to customers at home in a creative and thoughtful way. As a result, the unboxing experience has provided an additional viral component to digital marketing efforts through customer videos that get shared across platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Many of these customers comment first and foremost on the packaging before digging into the contents contained inside the box.

Is the packaging sustainable?

Many subscription eCommerce companies, through their efforts to use packaging that is not only effective at protecting products but also attractive in design, use creative packaging print as an opportunity to highlight their sustainability message by encouraging customers to keep the box and reuse it. Adding a sustainability message via inside print is another creative way of reinforcing earth friendly practices.

How difficult is packaging to open?

Opening your product should be easy and free of frustration. Protective packaging should be easy to open, right-sized to the contents, and allow for efficient fulfillment. Customers should not require a special tool to break through tamper proof seals and closures, but rather enjoy the arrival experience through the design of frustration-free packaging. The unboxing experience also offers additional surfaces and materials to reinforce brand messaging and customer communication.

At Pratt Industries, we work closely with each customer to develop customized packaging that not only protects contents but also supports brand through efficient design and creative inside print in a sustainable way. Think inside the box with Pratt Industries. Contact us today!