Pratt Industries | The Responsible PackageIn a world increasingly aware of the need to preserve our natural resources, paper-based packaging offers a renewable, recyclable, and sustainable solution.  Through The Responsible Package® initiative, Pratt Industries works with allied companies and associations to provide free, standards-based education materials on this topic to middle school teachers, students, and families.

Helping Kids Make a Difference

As future decision-makers, the students of today play an important role in preserving our natural resources for future generations.  By helping students understand the value of materials that might otherwise be sent to landfill, we as an industry can work to maintain our long-standing tradition of recovering and recycling paper and paper-based packaging at rates well above most of our non-renewable competitors.

Education Drives Change

In 2017, The Responsible Package educational materials were distributed to 355,000 students in more than 2,000 schools across 25 states.  All of the educators who responded to a year-end survey expressed interest in repeating their participation in the program and reported students gaining awareness and a positive outlook for paper-based products.

Thanks to interactive activities for the home and classroom, students completed the program with an understanding of the sustainable benefits of choosing paper-based packaging and products.  Many also committed to increasing their paper recovery for recycling both at school and at home, taking that increased power and knowledge well beyond the classroom.

Awareness Leads to More Recycling

As a company committed to 100 percent recycled packaging, Pratt is proud to play a role in helping the next generation increase their understanding and perceived value for our products, recycling, and the environment.

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