Ways to repurpose a corrugated box for Earth Day!
It’s a great time to turn some attention to living more sustainably. Finding sustainable solutions and ways to reduce waste is an international focus. Recycling is a popular way to divert waste from landfills, and while corrugated boxes are a recyclable and biodegradable packaging option, they are also reusable! Here are a few ways to turn an old box into something new and useful around the house.

Create Customized Planters with Corrugated Cardboard

A durable, corrugated cardboard box can be resized to fit a window box. Instead of buying a plastic tub, simply reshape the cardboard to fit. Decorate the outside with paint, fabrics or other supplies and line the inside with a plastic bag. Make sure to poke holes in the bag and the bottom of the box, and you have a planter that will last through the season.

Reuse Boxes to Create Modular Storage

One fun idea is to build a shoe rack using boxes. Simply fold a flat piece of cardboard into a triangle, tape the free edge and start stacking. As long as the triangle is big enough, you can slip shoes inside. Create a colorful and fun place to store shoes that also helps reduce waste.

DIY Drawer Organizers from Cardboard

Tired of the peeler getting lost under the whisk, or digging around in the junk drawer for a pen? A little bit of cardboard can divide drawers into organized compartments. Separate the knives and forks, or get your desk drawer in order with a few strips of cardboard cut to fit.

Shelves Made from Corrugated Packaging

Whether you want a more organized closet or a place to store craft supplies, a hanging shelf is a solid option. With a bit of string and a craft knife, you can shape old boxes and string them up to make your own.

Dive into Decor with Corrugated

You can repurpose old corrugated board for everything from picture frames to light fixtures, and even fun and funky ornaments. Get creative and design displays for every holiday with some of the cardboard you have lying around.

Keep your shipping containers in use, not headed to one of the 3,000 landfills in the United States. Plan a few crafts for Earth Day and have fun while stepping up as an eco-warrior. Corrugated packaging can make everything from day-to-day items to whimsical toys. You can even reuse a box to ship something or package a gift.


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