Food insecurity is a threat to many. According to the USDA, more than 38 million people, including 12 million children, in the United States are food insecure.1 To promote awareness and education about this important topic, September has been designated as Hunger Action Month where Feeding America encourages people to share actions they are taking to help end hunger. Pratt Industries and Executive Global Chairman, Anthony Pratt, have long supported local, national and global efforts to raise awareness about food insecurity and to take action against it.

“Food doesn’t get the attention it deserves,” says Anthony Pratt. “It is a source of health in the most basic sense and there is no better cause than doing right and feeding everyone.” This sentiment encouraged Pratt to join forces with HelloFresh in August of 2021 to launch the Meals with Meaning program to fight food insecurity in the Atlanta community.

Meals with Meaning Surpasses Expectations

This September, Pratt Industries and HelloFresh will achieve a donation milestone of 500,000 meals distributed to Atlanta residents facing food insecurity through the Meals with Meaning program, surpassing the original commitment to distribute more than 400,000 meals to the Atlanta community through 2022.

In August 2021, Pratt Industries committed to support HelloFresh’s efforts to provide access to fresh, nutritious food through the Meals with Meaning Atlanta program. Through the initiative, 8,000 meals per week are packed and distributed by food rescue organization Second Helpings Atlanta.

With fresh ingredients provided by HelloFresh and Pratt Industries, each meal kit consists of a step-by-step recipe card and all of the produce and proteins needed to make 4 hearty and nourishing meals. The meal kit ingredients can also be used to create any dish the recipient would like based on their individual cooking styles.

The Second Helpings Atlanta volunteers pack the kits weekly, which are then made available at various locations throughout the city with support from the Atlanta City Council. As part of the ongoing program, The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Officials also helps distribute meal kits to its local network of properties making it easier than ever for the community to have access to fresh food.

“Pratt Industries is honored to partner with HelloFresh, Second Helpings Atlanta and the City of Atlanta to provide more than 400,000 meals annually to those in need in the Atlanta area,” said Anthony Pratt.

HelloFresh, which operates a distribution and fulfillment facility in Newnan, GA, is the leader in delivering delicious ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to households worldwide. To celebrate the 500,000 meal donation milestone, HelloFresh and Second Helpings Atlanta, along with the City of Atlanta, will be recognizing Pratt Industries at a special packing and distribution event at the Second Helpings Atlanta facility in September.

Expanding the Conversation with the WSJ Global Food Forum

In addition to working with local communities, such as Atlanta, to fight food insecurity, Pratt was integral in launching a global food platform as a founding sponsor of the Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum in 2016.

In June, participants from around the world gathered in person and virtually to hold the 8th forum for headline-making conversations on the forces shaping new frontiers in food. 

“We want to shine a spotlight on America’s food industry to identify how it can grow, invest and generate even more quality jobs for the nation,” said Anthony Pratt in speaking about the inaugural forum in 2016.  “We propose starting a national conversation, including industry, government and civil society.”

The WSJ Global Food Forum annually tackles critical issues facing the food industry including sustainability—from seed research to farming practices to packaging to consumption—fighting food insecurity and job creation among others.

Continuing the Fight

From local food drives to starting global conversations, Pratt Industries is committed to continuing to raise awareness and take action against food insecurity. This fall, even more exciting news is coming about Pratt’s commitment to take action against hunger, and we cannot wait to share it. Check back here, and stay tuned to Pratt’s social media platforms for news to come.

1 Source: USDA Economic Research Service – Food Security in the U.S.