Exterior Shot of Pratt Industries Display Division in Reading, PAPratt Industries’ Display Division continues to widen its footprint in the Northeast, adding 36,000 sq. ft. of space to its facility in Reading, PA.

Division VP John Keck said the new addition – which expands the plant to 114,000 sq. ft. – will better meet more of the packaging and display needs of its growing customer base in the region.

“Many of our national strategic customers asked us to expand our manufacturing into the Northeast,” he said, adding: “We’ve already increased the workforce by 8 employees bringing the total to 32 and we expect to add another 32 as the business warrants.”

Pratt Industries Display Division Reading PA

John said the division has moved all manufacturing equipment from the former facility into the new space and built new offices.

“As for product, we will be manufacturing in-store merchandising displays, graphic packaging and specialty items,” he said.

Jamal Abodalo, director of engineering and codes for the township, told the local newspaper he was amazed at the difference between how the Pratt site looked in January when he toured the plant and how it looks now.

“It was a very dark, old building with really no life inside,” Abodalo said. “At the grand opening, there actually were people in there assembling things. Life is back to normal. It went from an empty place to a very good place for people to work.”