The lobby leading to Pratt’s Display Division and the Innovation and Technical Support Center at the Conyer’s campus is getting a major make-over.

Pratt Industries' Display Division Lobby

The ongoing project will eventually transform the area – the biggest gathering spot for customer campus tours – into a showcase for the company’s capabilities and products.

“The see-through window treatments on the front of the Tech Center are almost done,” said ITSC Manager Greg Hamer.

Pratt Industries' Tech Center Window Panels

“By the end of next month there’ll be updated furniture placed under a lighted trellis-type structure, plus a large format TV mounted above the Tech Center windows running Pratt news and videos.”

The wall behind the soon-to-go reception desk will be made to look like a dissected sheet
of corrugated, and displays of Pratt products will be set around the perimeter of the room.

“It’s going to be an impressive and educational gathering place for campus visitors when the project is completed,” said John Keck, VP of Pratt Display Division.

Pratt Industries Display Division Tech Center Windows

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