Approximately three billion pizza boxes are manufactured in the U.S. each year1 and nearly 12.5 million of those pizzas are purchased for Super Bowl Sunday alone according to American Pizza Community. Pratt Industries is proud to be a producer, supplier and recycler of pizza boxes used to celebrate special occasions, from the big game to family game nights and everything in between.

“Pizza is a big part of American culture,” says Bob Humberstone, Segment Director for Pratt’s pizza business. “It’s an easy go-to for serving groups, whether spontaneous get-togethers or pre-planned celebrations; making it a convenient and fast crowd pleaser.”

Humberstone adds that Pratt understands pizza. Just like one pie doesn’t fit all when it comes to pizza, Pratt understands that one solution does not suffice for all pizza retailers.

“National chains need reliable volume, supply chain optimization and sustainable solutions,” says Humberstone, “while regional players need help with inventory management, order flexibility, and size options. Smaller pizzerias may want to be more personal and have quick-turn options for seasonal messages tied to the local community.”

Regardless of the need or size, Pratt’s team of experts are able to combine their knowledge of corrugated packaging and supply chain optimization to find the best option for each customer, including close-the-loop programs designed to help divert pizza boxes from ending up in landfills.

A Pie of All Sizes

With our national network of corrugating and converting facilities, Pratt is equipped to produce a full line of pizza boxes– from a small pizza to an extra-large pizza pie–for national, regional or local retailers. Pratt pizza boxes meet the appropriate FDA food-contact requirements and are designed to ensure that each pizza can be transported safely to its final destination. 

In addition to optimizing the functional purpose of pizza boxes, Pratt’s team of experts recognizes that boxes may also serve as a valuable marketing tool to extend a restaurant’s brand recognition and bolster sales. Pratt designers are available to help create custom messaging and imagery that can be printed directly on the box.  From seasonal promotions and new menu options to general brand awareness, Pratt experts can help design engaging boxes that encourage repeat business.

This personalized approach also extends to customers who need quicker turn options in smaller quantities., the direct-to-customer, e-commerce arm of Pratt Industries, offers online, customizable boxes that are ready to ship in industry leading turnaround times. Users may choose from a variety of pizza box sizes, upload their own artwork, choose from a template or utilize’s design expertise to create custom, sustainable pizza boxes. It is a great option for a local pizzeria just getting started or who wants the flexibility to offer timely, local messaging.

Real Sustainability, Not Just a Pie In the Sky

Contrary to previous and fairly common beliefs, pizza boxes may be recycled. A recent industry study noted that cheese and grease residue from pizzas does not have an impact on the recyclability of the boxes.

“A majority of recycling programs, including those at Pratt Industries, will accept used pizza boxes, helping to divert the material from landfills,” says Shawn State, President of Pratt Recycling, Inc., “and working with the right partner, like Pratt, can help create a circular journey for your pizza boxes.”

Pratt Recycling takes the recovered pizza boxes, along with other old corrugated containers, to one of Pratt’s 100% recycled paper mills where the recovered fiber is used to produce new containerboard, and perhaps eventually, even new pizza boxes.

Pizza Expertise

“Our teams have extensive experience working with local and regional pizzerias, food distributors and national pizza chains,” says Humberstone. “We understand the unique needs of pizza retailers and use our expertise to create custom sustainable packaging solutions and recovery programs that meet our customers’ business goals.”

To learn more about Pratt’s capabilities and expertise, contact your local Pratt sales representative.