Local Service Puts the Customer First

We know communication is key to customer satisfaction. That is why Pratt Industries’ employs experienced, local customer service teams at each of our locations. Having onsite teams helps to ensure you know where your product is at every step of the process and that you always have a contact on the inside.

“We must know where every project is at any given time to keep things moving efficiently,” says Brandy Hilley, customer service manager at our corrugator in Conyers, GA. “Our customers and team members rely on us.”

The responsibilities of local customer service teams are vast and include operational and customer specific knowledge. The role is integrated into the full process, from order entry and manufacturing to delivery, so that customer service representatives are able to be advocates for their customers, helping to ensure accuracy, timeliness and an overall satisfactory experience.

“I check on my customer orders as soon as I walk in each day and know exactly where they are in our plant,” says Abby Fjeldberg, a representative at our Albert Lea, MN plant. “If I get a shipping question, I usually don’t have to go ask the shipping manager. I already know the answer because they’ve kept me updated on the status.”

“One of the things that really makes us stand out is the speed to customers in everything we do,” says Chaise Brackey, another Albert Lea representative. “Whether that is producing cartons or boxes or responding to emails, speed to customers, being responsive and proactively communicating, is a top priority.”

Customer service teams attribute their proximity to the production floor and operational team members to their ability to respond quickly and accurately to customers.

“We are able to be very nimble in processing orders and responding to customer requests,” says Ashleigh Markham, customer service manager at Pratt’s Rockwall, TX location. “I am located in the building where the boxes are being made and can literally walk into the plant and discuss an order with a member of any team from design to shipping. I do not have to work through layers of people and phone calls to get answers.”

Another top priority for teams is to understand their customers’ goals and to create a collaborative relationship where they can offer proactive solutions.

“We really get to know our customers and to understand their business needs,” said Nikki Pinkerton, manager of the customer service team in Park City, KS. “This familiarity builds a sense of trust that they can rely on us to produce their products as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Brackey agrees, “We’ve had a number of customers who have been with us for years. They appreciate the quality and sustainability of our products, but they also value the personal relationships that we have. They know that they can call me directly with questions, concerns or new requests, and our team will work our hardest to get them the answers and products they need.”

According to Payton Buck, a representative from Rockwall, TX, having relationships with customers helps the team anticipate new product needs, questions they may have and other issues before they occur.

“I really enjoy the relationships that I’ve built with my customers,“ said Buck. “It helps me to stay one step ahead of what they may need and keeps things moving smoothly and efficiently.”

Molly Jones, a representative in Rockwall, TX, sums up the role well, “Our focus is to continually improve what we do so that our customers receive top quality packaging in an efficient manner.”