Women of Pratt Industries Share Why Pratt is a Special Place to Work

At Pratt Industries, we employ women in roles throughout our company. With experience that ranges from a few years to several decades, women across our organization share their perspectives on why Pratt is a special place to work.

“One word describes working at Pratt to me: opportunity. Our leaders give employees the opportunity to be in charge of their own career destiny and growth. My career is a perfect example. I started in graphic sales, but as the company grew, I found opportunities to help guide and build our corporate purchasing team and advance through the ranks. Pratt encourages this personal development and growth and for that, I’ll always be grateful.”

– Judi Befort, Global Purchasing

“Pratt is very special to me because I’ve been able to grow professionally and personally since I started as an intern my junior year of high school. The team I work with and specifically my manager truly care about me and encourage me in all I do. They took time to teach me how to prioritize projects, manage deadlines and communicate with a variety of personalities making me successful in my customer service role. Equally as important, they celebrated my personal milestones from getting married to becoming a mother allowing me the flexibility to balance both of my roles.”

– Cynthia Morris, Pratt Converting – Grand Rapids, MI

“As a new mother, I am incredibly grateful to work for a company that values the need for maternity leave and provided me with 100% paid family leave. I spent the time transitioning into motherhood and bonding with my daughter, which resulted in an extremely happy and healthy baby. I am extremely grateful to Pratt Industries for recognizing the importance of this benefit.”

– Allison Jackson, Divisional HR

“Pratt is very family oriented and truly cares about you and your family. As a woman this was very important to me when striving to have a career and raise my children. With the great health benefits and salaries Pratt offers I was able to provide for my children’s needs and wants growing up.”

Christine Bader, Operational Excellence

“At Pratt, I’ve been empowered to build a team in the way that fits our plant. I want people to be successful and for my team to enjoy their job and feel energized. Pratt has given me the tools and resources to do just that as a manager. It’s rewarding to see the people who I’ve hired to advance into different roles throughout the company.”

– Nikki Pinkerton, Pratt Corrugating – Park City, KS

“Pratt is a special company. There are so many opportunities for people to learn and try new things. Our leaders recognize the value of helping people grow in their careers. They are great about promoting from within and really encourage people to try different things to help them professionally and personally.”

– Ashleigh Markham, Pratt Corrugating – Rockwall, TX

“At Pratt, we have a team of leaders who truly care about you and your team. They really have your best interests at heart and want to help you succeed.”

– Misty Witt, Pratt Strategic Accounts

“Working at Pratt creates a strong bond between co-workers. We get along and work together to make things happen. It makes coming to work a pleasure.”

– Chaise Brackey, Pratt Converting – Albert Lea, MN

“As an HR Manager, I always try to highlight the many benefits we offer to new employees, especially our generous childbearing leave paid at 100%. I recently used this benefit after the birth of my daughter and I am so thankful that it was available to me. The first few weeks with a baby are so important and I appreciated them all. I am beyond grateful to Pratt that I was able to present for those special weeks.”

– Amanda Fowler, Divisional HR