Fighting Food Insecurity

Pratt Industries and Executive Global Chairman, Anthony Pratt, have long supported efforts to raise awareness about food insecurity and to take action against hunger.

“Food doesn’t get the attention it deserves,” says Anthony Pratt. “It is a source of health in the most basic sense and there is no better cause than doing right and feeding everyone.” 


This sentiment encouraged Pratt to join forces with HelloFresh in August of 2021 to fight food insecurity through Meals with Meaning. The program recently announced it had distributed more than 1 million meals! 

“It is my great honor to announce an additional $500,000 donation to the HelloFresh Meals with Meaning program that provides free meal kits to people facing food insecurity in America,” stated Anthony Pratt.


Next month, participants from around the world will gather at the WSJ Global Food Forum for headline-making conversations exploring the trends, technologies, opportunities and risks shaping new frontiers in food. Pratt was integral in launching the forum as a founding sponsor in 2016.

“We want to shine a spotlight on America’s food industry to identify how it can grow, invest and generate even more quality jobs for the nation,” said Pratt in speaking about the inaugural forum in 2016.  “We propose starting a national conversation, including industry, government and civil society.”


At the opening of Pratt’s sixth 100% recycled paper mill in Henderson, KY, in 2023, Pratt made a surprise announcement donating another $1 million to support Feeding America. As a Leadership Partner, Pratt committed to help “fill bellies, not landfills” and to support the organization’s food rescue initiatives by helping expand the network’s capacity to safely rescue and distribute more food to neighbors in need.