Environmental Savings by Pratt Industries Customers and Partners

Each year many of our plants recognize customers and partners for their decision to improve the sustainability of their supply chain by purchasing Pratt Industries packaging made from 100% recycled paper.

We’re proud to announce Pratt’s 2016 total direct customer environmental impact savings by customers from a wide range of market segments that we service. These are just a few of the many partners who were recognized for their exceptional environmental savings efforts: Home Depot,  Amazon,  Wal-Mart, Cummins Engines, Pinnacle Foods, Unilever, and Bayer Cropscience. A huge thank you to ALL of our customers for the environmental partnership and continued sustainability efforts!

Our 2016 sales of over 1.3 million tons of 100% recycled boxes translates into pretty significant environmental savings!

  • 22,599,120 trees being saved
  • 5,317,440,000 KWH of power being saved
  • 9,305,520,000 gallons of water being saved
  • 4,386,888 cubic yards of landfill diversion
  • 1,329,360 tons of CO2 emissions avoided

Pratt Industries and Sustainability

Sustainability has always been the cornerstone our culture at Pratt Industries. Pratt’s commitment to the environment extends far beyond its pledge to produce 100% recycled paper and packaging. We have also invested heavily in clean energy production, including our waste-to-energy plant, operational at our Conyers HQ since 2009 and the rooftop solar photovoltaic system that was installed at our New York City box plant last year.