2017 Packaging Trends

Protective packaging engineering stands to solve several packaging challenges, including heavy packaging weight, and shipping and handling damages, such as vibration, abrasion and shock. An increase in online shopping is one of the driving forces of the demand for protective packaging, which is predicted to increase nearly 5 percent each year by 2019. To keep up with this demand, ensure you are aware of the emerging trends in protective packaging.

1. Insulation Keeps Food Safe and at the Right Temperature

An increase in online food ordering has prompted a new focus on protective packaging that provides better insulation for food without adding additional environmental stress. E-commerce meal delivery and grocery services increasingly rely on protective packaging that keeps items delivered safely and at the right temperature. Expect to see more demand for packages that deliver this quality, including innovative new box insulation that’s more sustainable.

2. More Eco-friendly, Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging has been a growing concern for both businesses and consumers, as loose fill and paper fill products often adversely affect the environment. Moreover, consumers have also reported frustration associated with loose fill packaging and note damage protection as a top concern for shipping and handling issues.

However, protective packaging technology will continue to garner in sustainable packaging material, such as recycled paper packaging and eco-friendly cushioning packaging material, to substitute for traditional, less sustainable packaging material. For example, Pratt Industries offers D flute corrugated boxing technology made from 100% recycled paper, which produces flutes smaller than 1/4 inch. This technology offers the benefits of cost savings for the supply chain and reduced environmental impact. D flute corrugated boxing technology produces a better printing surface, creates more boxes per unit than B flute designs, and offers an improved shelf-ready packaging.

3. New Box Designs Reduces Tape Needs

Running out of tape can be a nuisance when packing items. However, new box designs to remove the need for tape help to resolve this issue and reduce packaging waste. In 2017, expect to see more innovative engineering that offers innovative designs with cuts and grooves that strategically fit in place to reduce or even eliminate the need for tape.

It’s important to keep track of emerging trends in protective packaging so that you can increase customer satisfaction by delivering products as safely as possible. You can accomplish this by implementing emerging protective packaging engineering in your supply chain management and partnering with experts that offer the protective packaging products you need. Contact us to learn more!