Pratt Industries Paper Recycling

Earth Day is April 22nd. In celebration, offers an interactive guide offering free tips for New York residents on how to get to zero waste as part of NYC’s Zero Waste to Landfill Plan. As part of this plan, the City will eliminate the need to send waste to out-of-state landfills, thus minimizing the overall environmental impact of our trash. According to the New York City Department of Sanitation, 685,464 tons of waste was recycled in fiscal year 2015, an increase of over 5% from the previous year.

Pratt Industries is honored to be a part of this ongoing effort to reduce what goes to the landfill, with around three-fourths of the recovered paper from New York City ending up in our recycling plant on Staten Island to be recycled into corrugated boxes. Plus, Pratt Industries does more than just convert discarded paper into the world’s best 100 percent recycled packaging – we also believe in using clean energy in our manufacturing processes wherever possible. Pratt partnered with EnterSolar to install a rooftop solar photovoltaic system at its Staten Island facility. This system aligns with Pratt’s commitment to sustainability, which has been a cornerstone of our company’s culture since its inception.

While the “Getting to Zero Waste Guide” focuses on New York City’s Zero Waste efforts — everyone, everywhere can get inspired by these ideas and initiatives. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to reduce waste through recycling!