Pratt Industries Agriculture | Packaging

When it comes to getting foods from farm to table, paper based packaging like Pratt 100% recycled corrugated boxes not only prove to be sustainable, but also help reduce food waste and offer optimal protection for fresh produce and other foods.

According to Paper + Packaging Board in their Farm to Box to Table initiative, corrugated has numerous benefits when it comes to transporting food from farm to store, including:

  • Corrugated Helps us be Efficient: Corrugated is sustainable, recyclable, renewable and efficient – helping save space.
  • Corrugated Keeps our Food Fresh: Growers choose corrugated because it’s renewable and helps food stay fresher, cleaner and better protected.
  • Corrugated Is Preferred for Food Transportation: Nearly half of all corrugated boxes made in the U.S. each year are used to transport food from farm to store.

To learn more about why growers choose corrugated and why it’s the ideal packaging material when it comes to food safety, check out “Not just a Box: A Hero that Keeps Food Fresh & Safe “ a printable comic book style PDF on