House of Webster | Boxes by Pratt Industries

This is another great example of how Pratt Industries worked with an ecommerce company to improve their on and in box branding by offering real solutions that resulted in material cost reduction, more efficient operational throughput and a sustainable solution that the customer loved!

Pratt worked with House of Webster, a national player in the wholesale jams and jellies market and gourmet food industry. Their legacy began in an old log cabin which continues to this day. Therefore it was important to include this historical mark in their packaging branding and design.

House of Webster wanted to not only refresh the design, but they were also interested in reducing their packaging costs. In order to optimize the print, Pratt replaced their legacy process of printing on both inside and outside the box which took two to three passes and instead innovated a corrugated design that allowed for printing on only one side so that it could run in a single pass.

This newly innovated packaging does not require glue to assemble and folds in a way that translates the print to appear on both the inside and outside – ultimately saving paper for improved sustainability and cost. Additional cost reduction resulted by taking some of their bigger boxes and optimizing them from two piece to one piece packaging which also offered additional supply chain optimization as it was one less step in the fulfillment process.

In addition, the design of the packaging was refreshed from a branding standpoint. The primary colors of brown and white were changed to multi-color, die-cut boxes.

While sustainability was not the primary driver of the House of Webster packaging redesign, due to a more streamlined approach and a move to using recycled corrugated, their were some sustainable benefits.